Once upon a time, two weirdos found one another.  They were just a couple of crazy kids who met attending high school in northern Minnesota.  They could not have been more different in many ways–Jen lived in the same house, same bedroom for her entire life whereas, Sean had lived in 9 different states; Sean loved logic. while Jen delighted in defying it; Sean geeked out about computers and technology whereas Jen mused about a future writing soap operas.  Somehow, despite all of that., these two became fast friends. 

And before too long, they fell in love (although that’s another story).  They started dating and Sean followed Jen out to college on the prairie.  Alas, they were not meant to be. . .yet. 

Fast-forward 15 years or so.  They had been living their own separate lives in Florida, North Dakota, and everywhere in between and a  simple, seemingly random “How are you? Thinking about you.”  message turned into meeting each other all over again.  This time, Jen moved 150 miles to St. Paul.  Sean proposed.  They got married in the spring of 2017. 

Now they make their home in the Twin Cities and at some point decided that it would be a stellar idea to have their own website where the primary content categories are roadtrips, recipes, and unicorn dice.  Yeah, because that makes sense.  Couple of weirdos.  

 The adventure continues.